Scotland’s Scenic Isle Of Skye: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hiking

Scotland isn’t just about kilts and bagpipes. On the Isle of Skye, fairy folklore is afoot. You just need to visit the Fairy Glen of Uig or the Fairy Pools to see what I mean, provided you can actually see through the rain and fog!

I loved the craggy cliffs and dipping, diving hills so much, that I wrote about my experiences there for, with tips and tricks galore for all of you avid explorers out there. We did a fair bit of hiking there, but don’t be deterred if hiking is not your thing, because believe me, I am no professional hiker, and the walks are easy.

I might not have had the chance to visit Skye if it weren’t for my befriending two kind, American girls in my hostel, Dakota and Hayley. While nearing the end of my days in Edinburgh, I found myself suddenly without any plan of what would follow. Luckily, the girls let me gatecrash their otherwise well thought out holiday to the Isle of Skye. With scenery to rival that of my beloved New Zealand, this magical little island off the west coast of Scotland made me marvel at how bizarrely beautiful our world can look, all while contemplating how awesome it is to encounter open minded people while travelling, and get to share adventures with those who might otherwise be complete strangers!

Read all about it in my article published for Travelista Club, here.

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  1. That was a nice article!

    The photograph of the cliff is awesome. Is that a fairy with wings standing on top of the rock or is it you or one of your friends with their arms raised?

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