Ireland Highlights

I’ve had the great pleasure of visiting Ireland on three occasions. The first was in late November of 2016. Dublin was freezing cold, but my friend Florian and I were treated to piercing blue skies, no rain, and plenty of Guinness. The brief visit over the long weekend was enough to make me fall in love with the country.

My second time in Ireland was in April of 2017. I’d planned myself a tour visiting some of the highlights of the Great Atlantic Way, culminating in a visit to my friend Aislinn’s beautiful hometown of Kinsale, Co Cork. The trip was glorious in theory, but I managed to get a horrendous cold right before arriving in Dublin, my first stop. The weather was also subpar, with grey skies, strong winds, and plenty of rain. I’d been excited to spend some more time in Dublin, given my first time had been quite rushed, but I instead spent the whole trip in bed in my hostel binge watching Gilmore Girls and feeling a bit sorry for myself. I ventured out one afternoon and was blown around by the gales for a while, and so I meekly retreated back to my hostel to continue hanging out with Rory and Lorelai (honestly, I now love the show but at that point I could only handle it in small doses, so I think this probably shows you just how sick I was).

I left Dublin and still ploughed on and completed my tour though. I’ll eventually post some more stories on that front, but for now, enjoy some photos from those two trips to the Emerald Isle. Looking back at them, I’m so glad that I pushed on through and completed the tour. It was difficult at points, because Ireland’s public transport isn’t the best, but I’m grateful to have seen what I saw and I think the pictures reflect how much colour and life there is in Ireland, even when its skies are grey.

I know I’ll be back in a couple of years when I’m old enough to hire a car without breaking the bank, and do a proper road trip of this beautiful country in which I always feel so at home.

2 thoughts on “Ireland Highlights

  1. Everyone whom I have met who has visited Ireland raves about the place. I have never been there myself , unfortunately, but your gallery of wonderful photos makes me wish I had.

    1. It actually is a lot like New Zealand though, which I think is partly why I loved it so much. I think by visiting NZ you would have managed to experience something similar 🙂

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