Berlin’s Hidden Artistic Treasures

I’m a mega-fan of unearthing all that is quirky about a city, whether that be finding amazing graffiti or cool artistic neighbourhoods, or participating in some unique local culture! With this in mind, Berlin was absolutely ideal. I definitely understand why everyone is so psyched by this city.

Admiring the street art for a moment at the Wandelism exhibit

Hopefully you’ve already had a chance to have a read of my story about Berlin’s Liquidrom where I had a wild time (if not, check it out here if you want a laugh!).

I also got the chance to write about some of the other fun stuff I explored in the city on that same trip for It’s hard to compress a brilliant week into a few words, so I’ve focussed on these favourites of mine, in particular Teufelsberg – a man made hill covering rubble from the second world war – and its hidden away, abandoned US listening station placed on top, which has now been converted into an eery sanctuary of graffiti art and installations. I was wowed, to say the least.

Every nook and cranny of the now abandoned listening station of Teufelsberg, has been transformed into an urban art lover’s paradise

I was lucky to catch Wandelism’s brilliant art exhibition too, which was only around for a week, given the venue was to be demolished. It was just a further illustration of graffiti art’s ephemeral nature. In the streets, you never know when what you’re seeing will suddenly change (whether due to actual vandalism, or new commissions by other graffiti artists).


I hope so! Discover a little of what makes Berlin so special here.


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