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The articles below were published on travel websites. Have a scroll through and discover some of my favourite spots I’ve visited. More to come soon!


The Berlin I got to know and fall in love with was funky and surprising! It was quirky and full of unexpected nooks and pops of colour amongst the grey. A lot of these spots are far less visited than the usual Berlin hotspot. Have a look at my travel story on the Liquidrom here, or explore your artistic options here.

See my article for all the secret street art spots in Berlin!


I went here with no particular expectations of how the city or country should be, and so ended up hugely excited by all I saw. Go into a city with an open mind and you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

It’s known for being an expensive place, but I enjoyed it on a strict student budget and found a myriad of things to do for free (or very close to free, at least!). Read on here for my insider tips!

At Singapore’s quirky and colourful Haw Par Villa


My trip to Turkey fell through a few years ago, and, needing to quickly book a flight somewhere, I ended up in London… again. Maybe it was just my disappointment at missing out on Turkey, but I thought there was nothing left for me to see in London. Of course, my feelings were completely flipped and I ended up falling in love with the city all over again. Ever since then, on subsequent trips I’ve always managed to seek out something new and exciting – and, best of all, usually free! Read here.

The spectacular view over London’s Thames and beyond, from the free to visit Sky Garden


Being doused in Scottish rain didn’t at all diminish my love for this bleakly beautiful part of the United Kingdom. I felt like I was discovering magical lands, so it’s no wonder this part of Scotland is known for fairies and folklore. I couldn’t recommend it more. For some tips or inspiration on where to go, have a read of my article written here.

Impressive views out over the Quiraing, featuring my trusty Timberlands!


The key to my heart is through my stomach. Ourense is where I tried proper octopus for the first time, and I can confirm that since then, every octopus dish I’ve tried in other parts of Europe has been a disappointment!

I can’t forget to mention that this is the town to visit to relax and unwind at the thermal baths. After a month of stress and studying with exams at University (okay, a slight overstatement with the whole studying thing, I mean, I was on exchange in Spain after all! It was far more important to study the ins and outs of sangria) we loved just chilling out (would be more accurate to say, ‘heating up’) in the water, with the view of the Galician mountains across from us. Read all about it!

Relaxing in natural, thermal rock pools – what’s not to love?

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